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Most patients of blood pressure suffer from back pain, they are therefore related in some ways. Shy people are mostly hide peculiar symptoms they experience to their doctors, an adage states that hide your sickness, it will never by shy to hide you in grave. Getting an essential pain management is very pertinent because it is not identified and treated at its initial stage, one might be unable to stand straight or even walk perfectly. Blood pressure occurs when the blood goes through body arteries with force thereby leading to stroke or heart diseases.

Some of the identified symptoms of Blood Pressure includes;

  • Breathing problem; blood pressure patients find it hard to breathe the way normal people do.
  • Having excruciating pain in chest similar to those suffering from ulcer.
  •  Getting tired after doing a simple work like washing plates, clearing grasses, cleaning water ways, etc.
  • Short or long sightedness issues; blood pressure patients are majorly unable to see items close to them or those afar clearly.
  •  Mood and behavioral change without reasons; they get angry so easily or simple acts terrify them.
  • Abnormal obesity or losing weight regularly.
  • Headache, stomach pain and rise in body temperature, etc

Rate of Blood Pressure in Africa

The rate of people suffering from High Blood Pressure is always on the rise in African continent. Most of those people emanated from war or poverty ravaged countries, they are living in fear of uncertainties thereby making their blood boil due to the tensions. Militancy, separatist agitation, migration, drought, climate change and other factors have contributed immensely to the rise of more blood pressure patients. One unknown fact about Blood Pressure is that it happen not only to adults but also found in teenagers because a boy of thirteen years (13) was identified in Northern Nigeria having it.

On a global scale, according tod the World Health Organization (WHO) there are over 700 million people with untreated cases of Blood Pressure. The number of adults between the age ranges from 30 to 79 years have increased, it paved way for other internal organ’s diseases like kidney and heart. The afore mentioned indices shows that if necessary measures are taken to tackle what causes Blood Pressure, the cases will keep on increasing more especially in less developed countries because they are where people hardly earn a living. The residents in developing countries are also not left out as government are directing not enough financial supports and resources to their health sectors.


Relationship Between Back Pain and Blood Pressure

Most people that have Blood Pressure are also suffering from back pain, experts that specialized in that field said excruciating back pain can be linked with blood pressure because the pain in any part of the body increases running and pressure to the blood. Secondly person who never knew of having blood pressure is identified when accident happen, the moment blood is lost as a result of injury, conducting BP is necessary because having hypertension are revealed.  Third point is blood pressure can be inherited when in a family many are having it like parents or grandparents, therefore the sooner it is detected, the lesser the risk to the life.

Impact of Back Pain to Blood Pressure

When blood pressure is high the possibility of having back pain is certain as it leads to pains not only to the back but to several parts of the body. When the blood is pressured, one might know so by having severe headache, tiredness, pains around all body joints, loss of appetite and heart burn. When a hypertensive person experience hard to turn neck around, it could be contributed by blood pressure. If you have never spoken to Doctor on back pain, you are consequently putting yourself in danger; be open whenever you visit health practitioner so as to be cured early. One thing so common nowadays is that, people are fun of collecting back pain relievers (drugs) from friends not knowing that people vary likewise their sickness. If doctor does not prescribe a drug to you, just do not even think of taking it.

Note; Regular medical checkup help a lot in preventing health endangerment, it assist health practitioners in putting the patients on right medication or changing those been taken if the patient is not recuperating or getting any better. Do not hesitate to see your doctor if the back pain supers one day; this would help him work out solution to it.

Can Physiotherapist treat Back Pain?

The answer is Yes, back pain can be treated by Physiotherapist by adopting the following measures;

  • Attending physiotherapy hospital for medical checkup and diagnosis of some drugs or therapeutic lotions to be applying on the back.
  • Long trek round the town or specific location but for aged men or women they should be going along with vehicle, in order to pick them whenever they fall down.
  • Frequent and regular exercise that involves bending, stretching and twisting of waist.
  • Use of devices which includes cycling, horse riding, pull and push of heavy loads, etc.
  • Engaging in outdoor and field activities just for leisure like Javelin, playing long tennis, squash and host of others.
  • Corpulent hypertensive individuals can engage in all the above which would help them lose weight.

In conclusion, the impact of back pain on blood pressure cannot be overemphasize as hypertensive patients mostly have back pain. Some health practitioners are of the opinion that blood pressure and back pain are like twins, meaning that they go along whereby one could not be found without the other. In the same vein, do not treat back pain by yourself, seek medical help so that professional in that field will sort it out. All sicknesses are curable as long as they are identified early, do not waste time in telling your Doctor symptoms been experienced; doing so will help the Doctor in prescribing right medicine to cure it. Health is indeed wealth, be ready to consult experts.

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